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What does it feel like to be a toilet slave, or use a toilet ...

Being used as a toilet slave is an extreme feeling of degradation and humiliation because it is usual that you are strictly tied up and completely helpless.The only thing you can do, is looking up to lid and wait.

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Femdom Toilet Slavery 01. Henry-Knight. 4 Comments. 43 Favourites. Human toilet paper. Femdomdrawing. 3 Comments. 45 Favourites. Femdom Toilet slave of Marie Rose.

Has any women out there used a toilet slave & how did it feel.

Here are the views of two Women who use toilet slaves. The first one said, "The first time I heard of a man wanting to become a full-time toilet, I thought the idea was preposterous too. Eventually, once I got over my initial disgusted reaction, I slowly began to realize beauty in it.

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"Good morning, toilet slave." Her words cut into your very soul. You begin to panic, but you can't move even an inch. You knew this would happen, but not so soon. You can smell her ass before you see it. She sits down atop the leather seat. Her anus is less than five centimeters away from your open mouth. "Do you know what's about to happen?"

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Dark haired babe shits on male slave ... 100% 5746 10:33 Human toilet pewview 100% 5714 03:56 She shits in your mouth 75% 5698 01:36 Girls that started shit with the ...

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"The slave has been installed on floor three in the east wing bathroom. He is a criminal sentenced to death so don't hold back. That is all for today girls" After the announcements ended all the girls were silent, even the teachers were a bit surprised. They had never had a toilet slave at the school before.

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Latex mistress and her toilet slave 3:12. 53% 4 months ago. 29K. Shitty rimjob 6:09. 33% 4 months ago. 48K. Long turd in her mouth ...

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The hell confinement uses a device that includes a pair of handcuffs and a pair of foot shackles, both of which are linked to a steel rod. The rod presses against the prisoner’s back, making it nearly impossible to walk, sit, use the toilet, or even feed themselves. Zhu Hang is a Chinese woman who knows just how cruel the practice is.

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slave. You are going to serve me in any sick twisted torturous way I can think of, whether that is the insole of my shoe, my toe ring, my toilet paper, my chewing gum, shrunken in a cage all day. It doesn’t matter, you are no longer human, you are MY possession. It is best to forget your old life, it is gone.”

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My roomates will really enjoy that I've brought us all home a white male toilet slave! My aunt, my sister, my aunt's friend, and my daughter and me of course. I'm sure that you'll really enjoy yourself, as you serve my house, and of course everyone in it as our complete human toilet!